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‘Anchor for success: Go micro’- PAO workshop at de ‘Montmorency College

By DT Pakistan
May 23, 2019

A clinical workshop “Anchor for success: Go micro” was recently held in collaboration with the Pakistan Association of Orthodontics (PAO) at one of the most prestigious dental institutes in Punjab, the de' Montmorency College of Dentistry.

The event was chaired by the president of PAO, Professor Dr Ghulam Rasool, and supervised by the Dean of the de' Montmorency College of Dentistry, Professor Dr Waheed ul Hameed.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Ahsan Mahmood Shah, Associate Professor and in charge of the Department of Orthodontics at Khyber College of Dentistry and Dr Junaid Israr, Associate Professor, Lahore Medical and Dental College.

Dr Muhammad Saood (Assistant Professor), Dr Sulaiman, and Dr Faizan Hassan from the Khyber College of Dentistry were also part of the team for facilitation.

Dr Ahsan initiated the workshop with a lecture on the use of micro-implants in orthodontics followed by a detailed discussion on clinical cases.

Fifty-nine participants navigated through the series of stations where they were given the opportunity to interact with facilitators for a hands-on experience with micro-implants.

The participants were enlightened with the practicality of the workshop and were very happy with the PAO for organizing events specifically for their learning.

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