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Dental Prosthetics and Orthodontics: A combination of success in dental rehab

By DT Pakistan
August 31, 2020

Karachi: Orthodontics and Dental Prosthetics have been classified as two essential elements of the dental industry. To achieve success in rehabilitation cases, the dentist needs to have a profound knowledge of both. Referring to the biodynamics of teeth, Dr Nadim Aboujaode delivered an online lecture entitled ‘A tooth and a string: The magical bio-dynamics of the teeth.’ The live webinar session was organized by the Centre of Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP).

Dr Nadim Aboujaode, a lecturer at Lebanese University in the Department of Prosthodontics and Clinical Assistant at the American University of Beirut, much emphasized the importance of periodontal tissues and how they can play a significant role in the movement of teeth. He also mentioned the use of string in the form of vectors and elastics to induce the phenomenon of the forced eruption in the teeth.

In his presentation, Dr Nadim repeatedly mentioned the importance of treatment planning. He presented different case reports which showed the dynamic effects of the forced eruption on the teeth. Being an advocate of avoiding teeth extraction, Dr Aboujaode explained how the application of this particular movement could help to save teeth and improve bone and periodontal health, respectively.

Dr Aboujaode showcased multiple cases where he explained the beneficial effects of tooth movement with the application of orthodontic forces, which included alignment of the teeth and gingival margins, reduction of periodontal pockets, and salvaging remaining tooth structure respectively. He also highlighted the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach and the use of state of the art equipment for the success of any treatment.

Dr Nadim made it imperative that a dental professional should be outstanding when it comes to radiographic images as it serves as a great tool in the diagnosis of a specific problem.

The presentation included three survey questionnaires regarding the topic of discussion. Whereas, a question-answer session was arranged at the end of the lecture. Dr Aboujaode appreciated all the queries that the participants put up and answered them with scientific knowledge and experience.

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