Dentistry Amidst Pakistan’s Third COVID Wave

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Dentistry Amidst Pakistan’s Third COVID Wave


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Dr Sumaiya Hasan

By Dr Sumaiya Hasan

Tue. 20 April 2021


2020 was brutal. The dark clouds of COVID were a threat to humanity. They also acted as a catalyst, allowing the nations to think about how to cope up in uncertain situations.

Humans figured out ways to efficiently deal with the catastrophic consequences of the contagious disease. However, with time, the efforts have lost their saturation. This makes the situation critical in terms of its detrimental effects.

COVID and the diluted efforts

With the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, dentists observed constructive changes in dentistry. They rigorously applied the long lost protocols of cross infection control in the majority of practices. However, as time passed, this dimension of clinical practice started to shift away from the spotlight. The world is now a step ahead in fighting against COVID-19. Hence dental practitioners should understand that despite everything, the threat remains in diluted form.

Fear of unknown

With the hopeful beginning of 2021, a remarkable development in the form of COVID-19 vaccines is noteworthy. The developed nations have started vaccinating the general public. The developing countries, though are still in the initial stages of vaccination. Therefore, they are focusing on targeting older people and healthcare workers. It’s a fact that these two groups of people are at higher risk of contracting the disease. Therefore, people falling into these strata should be responsible for coming forward, co-operate with the government and get themselves vaccinated. Thus, bringing them closer to the safer zone and also reducing the risk of disease contraction in return.

It is human nature to repel change and the unknown. A high number of people are opposing the idea of vaccines. They justify it by calling these vaccines to have inadequate scientific evidence. Regrettably, many such people include healthcare workers.

Few of whom are acutely aware of the stages of trials of vaccines of various companies. Hence, several dental professionals continue practising without profound cross infection control protocols. While many also continue to practice without being vaccinated against COVID-19. The consequences of both types of irresponsible attitudes can be daunting.


The battle against COVID-19 is not over yet. And if one tries to foresee the future, it will be evident that years of robust efforts will be required to overcome this health challenge. Amidst the suffering, healthcare workers, being at the top of the intelligence pyramid due to their knowledge in this dimension, should ease the situation by continuing responsible practice.


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