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FJDC holds fire and security drill

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Thu. 18 January 2024


KARACHI: In a measure aimed at enhancing safety preparedness, the Fatima Jinnah Dental College (FJDC) recently conducted its quarterly fire and security drill at the clinical campus to ensure that faculty, staff, and patients are well-versed in emergency protocols, promoting a swift and organized response in the face of potential fire incidents.

Drill participants received comprehensive instructions on fire procedures, the locations of fire exits, and optimal usage of fire extinguishing equipment during emergency situations.

The session covered various fire classifications, including electrical fires, as well as those caused by solid, liquid, and gaseous substances. Emphasizing a systematic approach to handling emergency fire situations, the event aimed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Regular drills, supported by research, contribute to improved reaction times and overall safety in genuine emergency situations. The efficacy of fire drills hinges on the seriousness with which they are approached and the quality of training imparted.

Winter fire drills assume particular importance due to the heightened incidence of fires during this season, because of the use of gas cylinders, heating devices, and generators.

FJDC adheres to the safety guidelines mandated by the Sindh government, which stress precautionary measures in establishments, including adequate water supply, red-painted buckets with water and sand, well-maintained fire extinguishers, and functional fire alarms during emergencies.

FJDC aims to ensure that individuals, including patients, academics, and staff, are well-prepared to evacuate promptly and securely in the event of a fire.

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