JMDC organises special session on CBCT

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JMDC organises special session on CBCT


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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Sun. 23 January 2022


KARACHI: Jinnah Medical and Dental College (JMDC), Sohail University, recently organised a special session for the dental undergraduates, graduates and the senior faculty of Dentistry on using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).

Professor Dr Junaid Lakhani, Principal Dental College, JMDC, facilitated the workshop. Defence 3D-OPG-CEPH sponsored the session.

Dr Lakhani enlightened the audience with his detailed lecture regarding the various applications of CBCT and its widespread use in Dentistry and Maxillofacial surgery.

The Defence 3D-OPG-CEPH  team gave the participants a visual demonstration of software usage tools at the JMDC computer lab, followed by a hands-on session. The college also looks forward to launch the software in different dental departments and to make it accessible for all.

 Faculty members from all disciplines showed keen interest in the workshop and admitted that CBCT has proven to be an excellent aid in improving their treatment planning and patient satisfaction.


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