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KMDC hosts CPD program on oral health, prosthodontics

Press Release

Thu. 4 July 2024


KARACHI: The Karachi Medical and Dental College (KM&DC), KMU, recently hosted a successful Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program on oral health and prosthodontics.

Led by Prof. Dr. Sheeraz Hussain, Vice Principal and Head of Dentistry, the event was organized by the CPD team and the Department of Prosthodontics.

The event featuring Dr. Affan, in charge of Prosthodontics, and a guest speaker from Haleon Company included detailed discussions on topics such as cracked tooth syndrome, prosthodontic solutions, sensitivity management, and oral hygiene practices.

The participants gained valuable insights into advanced prosthodontic techniques and effective patient care strategies through the program which was widely praised for enhancing the skills and knowledge of dental practitioners and students at KMDC.

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