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UCMD holds introductory seminar on fillers and botox usage in dentistry

Sat. 23 October 2021


LAHORE:  The Department of Preventive and Dental Public Health, University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD), University of Lahore, recently arranged a seminar titled, 'From Filling the Teeth to Filling the Cheeks: Introduction to Fillers and Botox in the Scope of Dentistry' for the fresh dental graduates.

Dr Arooj ul Hassan, Head of Preventive and Dental Public Health Department, UCMD, and his team organised a seminar to address this amalgamation of fields. They invited Prof. Dr Atif Kazmi, Professor and Head of Dermatology Department, The University Of Lahore Teaching Hospital, Lahore, to introduce some novel procedures to the young dentists.

Dr Muhammad Hassan, Head of Dental Materials Department, UCMD, Lahore, started the session with his lecture on the direct relationship between oral and general health.

Prof. Dr. Atif Kazmi during his lecture to the faculty and house officers of University College of Dentistry, University of Lahore.

Afterwards, Prof. Dr Atif Kazmi took the stage and explained the various skin problems that come with age and their management using fillers and botox. He emphasised when and not the treatment of this proportion was necessary. From the types of fillers and botox to their application methodology to the possible side effects of the therapy, Prof. Kazmi introduced the concept in his lecture and concluded with a Question-Answer session.

In the end, Prof. Dr Rehan Qamar, Principal, UCMD, thanked Prof. Kazmi and lauded the organisers' efforts. He presented the certificate of appreciation to Prof Kazmi.

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