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AKU hosts 3rd annual continuing dental education program

Press Release

Sat. 29 June 2024


KARACHI: To improve dental hygiene standards in Pakistan, Aga Khan University (AKU) recently hosted its third Annual Continuing Dental Education (CDE) program, themed "Hygiene Highway: Bridging Oral Health," in a hybrid format.

Keeping up with its tradition of leading discussions on critical oral health issues, AKU’s this year’s program featured lectures by known professionals.

Dr. Taimur Khalid, a prominent prosthodontist consultant at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), led discussions on patient safety and hygiene related to oral prosthetics. Emphasizing the importance of hygiene to prevent infections, Dr. Khalid stressed minimizing human error in dental procedures for enhanced patient safety.

Mr. Syed Mazhar Ali, General Manager at Protect, Roomi Enterprises, explored the expanding roles of dental hygienists in the pharmaceutical sector, focusing on patient education and product promotion.

A collaborative session highlighted the role of dental hygienists in community health, featuring Ms. Shelina Natho and other experts from Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan (AKHSP). They underscored the importance of oral hygiene education and preventive care in community settings.

Dr. Farhan Raza Khan, Section Head of AKUH Dental Section stressed the need for well-trained dental professionals amidst challenges in Pakistan’s dental sector.

Dr. Robyna Irshad Khan, Associate Dean of Allied Health, discussed the future prospects of dental hygiene in Pakistan, emphasizing the demand for skilled professionals to transform oral health care, especially in rural areas.

The event concluded with a panel discussion featuring distinguished alumni, who spoke about the evolving role of dental hygienists in Pakistan’s healthcare system.

Dr. Ali Sadiq, Program Director of the AKU Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene (ASDH) program, thanked all stakeholders for their contributions, stressing collaborative efforts to enhance dental hygiene education and public awareness.

He said such initiatives are crucial in addressing challenges posed by unqualified practitioners in Pakistan.

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