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SSCMS arranges study group on ‘Prescription Writing’

By DT Pakistan
December 26, 2020

Karachi: Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences (SSCMS) recently held a study on ‘Art of Medical Prescription Writing.’  The event was hosted by Prof. Dr Abdul Manan, Head of Department of Pharmacology, and Prof. Dr HR Sukhia, Principal, Dental Section, SSCMS.

Speaking to the audience, Dr Ali Raza, Department of Community Dentistry highlighted the importance of proper prescription writing amongst the dental staff.

Prof. HR Sukhia stressed the value and usefulness of proper prescriptions in clinical practice. He also shared the requirements for more inter-active CME programs for students and faculty. The event focussed on ways to write prescriber’s information, the patient’s information, the signature, the dispensing instructions, the number of refills, etc. Prof. Manan also outlined the importance of writing the name of drug and dosage as vital to prescriptions for patients.

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