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AIDM sets up ‘Heat Relief Camp’ amid heatwave

Press Release

Wed. 12 June 2024


KARACHI: Amid the searing heatwave that grips the city, the Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine (AIDM) organized a ‘Heat Relief Camp’, extending a helping hand to the people exposed the harsh weather.

Led by Prof. Dr. Hasnain Sakrani and Prof. Dr. Naseer Ahmed, the AIDM team, comprising faculty members and volunteers, worked tirelessly to help alleviate the discomfort caused by soaring temperatures.

The camp, equipped with essential amenities including cool drinking water, refreshing juice boxes, and shaded rest areas, provided relief to the persons most affected by the heat. Under the guidance of Dr. Resham Nadeem and Dr. Ayesha Anis, and with the support of house officers and volunteers, every effort was made to ensure the well-being of those who visited the camp.

The camp was aimed at promoting community health and welfare, with individuals like Yasharah Khalid, Zaid Ali, Nayl Zara, and Abdullah Baloch working selflessly for others.

Volunteers like Asadullah Naseem, Faizan Maroof, Shahbazi Khan, and many more underscored the spirit of unity and solidarity in times of crisis.

The AIDM camp stands as an example of proactive community engagement and underscores the indispensable role of healthcare institutions in addressing public health crises.

As Karachi continues to grapple with extreme weather conditions, such initiatives stress the need for compassion and solidarity in our society.

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