DT News - Pakistan - FJDC cricket team participates in AKU Sports Olympiad 2023

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FJDC cricket team participates in AKU Sports Olympiad 2023

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Wed. 11 October 2023


KARACHI: Fatima Jinnah Dental College (FJDC) women cricket team participated in the AKU Sports Olympiad 2023, showing the college’s dedication to fostering a well-rounded education that encompasses not only academics but also physical well-being of its students.

The engagement of FJDC's students in sports underscored the diversity of interests and skills within the student body. The college's teams showcased their prowess in Cricket, demonstrating their capabilities across various sporting disciplines.

FJDC takes immense pride in the performances of its students in the event. The college remains resolute in its commitment to motivate and support its students in pursuing their sporting passions, nurturing their physical health alongside their academic achievements.

FJDC envisions a future where female participation in sports gets more prominence and appreciation. The college is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to all its students, empowering women to excel in sports.

The AKU Sports Olympiad 2023 was a highly competitive event that provided FJDC students with a platform to display their sporting skills in a healthy competition. The college thanked AKU for the warm hospitality and arranging the event.

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