Is Your Posture Affecting Your Dental Career?

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Is Your Posture Affecting Your Dental Career?


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Dr Muhammad Yasir Israr

By Dr Muhammad Yasir Israr

Wed. 25 August 2021


Posture can create a significant impact on the practice of most dental professionals. But can it affect their dental career too?


Loss of good posture

Bad posture has become endemic among millennials and downward. A lifestyle modification has led us to adopt unhealthy behaviour. One of them is the forward slouching position with no activation of our posterior chain of muscles. As a consequence, this habit will ultimately lead to a degradation of our musculoskeletal health. It also sets a deteriorating set of hypo-functional movements in motion. Certainly, the degradation of musculoskeletal health is a significant issue in the dental profession. Recall your most recent procedure. You will find that the posture and handling would be less than ideal for the longevity of our physical health.

Need to improve basics

Dentists usually bent over the patient at odd angles. They also try to preen into the oral cavity without the use of indirect vision. However, These are bad habits that are cemented right from our first steps into clinical procedures. Some simple modifications can generously improve these disorders leading to a more optimized clinical career. Rather than leaning over the patient and sitting, maintaining an erect posture should be the standard operating position. Sitting on an appropriately heightened stool near the patient as possible will minimize straining yourself to reach for equipment. Investing in a pair of loupes minimizes the difficulty to see into the intraoral cavity. Hold wrists in a neutral position and minimize excessive wrist movements. Arms should be ideally parallel to the floor when in line with the oral cavity.

Browse and exercise!

In addition, make sure to employ the use of exercises for our posterior chain daily. For instance, We can use the following methods like exercises and can find them easily on YouTube.

  • Neck and back extension
  • Reverse and forward plank
  • Full-depth squats held for 10 seconds
  • Toe-touches

In conclusion, do not forget the role of good nutrition to maintain our visual and skeletal health. Both are extremely important to work in coordination for optimal ergonomics.


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