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Oral cancer awareness session at Bahria College Ormara

Press Release

Thu. 13 June 2024


KARACHI: Bahria College Ormara in Balochistan recently organized an enlightening session on oral cancer conducted by Consultant Oral Surgeon Dr. Hera Nadeem and attended by 500 ve students and faculty members, including the vice principal.

During the session, Dr. Nadeem presented alarming statistics, saying that three-fourths of oral cancer cases stem from the consumption of tobacco, pan, betel nuts, and similar substances. She said these cases are largely preventable by quitting such habits. She also discussed contributing factors such as malnutrition, family history, and viruses.

Expressing concern over the lack of medical facilities and awareness in Balochistan, Dr. Nadeem called for early detection and treatment of oral cancer. She regretted that oral cancer cases often present themselves in advanced stages due to these deficiencies, resulting in poorer prognoses.

Detailing the hazardous contents of cigarette smoke, Dr. Nadeem mentioned various chemicals, including tar and acetylene, which are carcinogenic. She condemned the prevalence of niswar, particularly in Balochistan and KP, attributing it to the proximity to regions like Afghanistan where its usage is widespread.

The session witnessed active participation by students, who posed various questions to the speaker.

In his closing remarks, the vice principal thanked Dr. Hera Nadeem on behalf of Principal Lt Cmdr Jibran, acknowledging her contribution to this noble cause.

The session was aimed at boosting the ongoing fight against oral cancer, inspiring awareness and action within the community.

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