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PMDC annulled registrations of practitioners by PMC; Netizens demand to take back decision

DT Pakistan
DT Pakistan

DT Pakistan

Fri. 17 July 2020


Rawalpindi: According to the latest notification of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), the registration certificates of Registered Medical Practitioner(RMP) and Registered Dental Practitioner (RDP) issued by Pakistan Medical Commission has been annulled. The press release also went viral among medical and dental-related social media platforms.

The press release released by the Registrar, PMDC, said, “As all actions of Pakistan Medical Commission together with the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019 have been declared ultra vires, registration certificates of RMP/RDP issued to the doctors are not an exception to that.”

The notification further said that doctors should apply again for their registrations.

“Similarly all the faculty members whose provisional or permanent registrations have been issued or renewed by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) are also directed to apply afresh accordingly.”

The users on social media platforms shared a screengrab of PMDC notification and urged the officials to take the decision back.

One user wrote, “They should not create headaches again. There is no need of getting fresh PMDC again if the doctors who had got it by Pakistan Medical Commission.”

Another user commented, “Worst system we have ever had! I sent my PMDC renewal six months back and they rejected it and sent me yesterday all documents with the objection that I should send again with PMDC name.”

Many netizens demanded that the renewal of the registration should be free of cost. “A registration is a registration, what the big deal if it’s from PMC or PMDC. This just to get more money in the name of fee for new registration,” one user commented.


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