Session on rotary Endodontics

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Session on rotary Endodontics

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Tue. 23 May 2023


KARACHI: Prof Dr Syed Abrar Ali recently conducted a full-day Endodontics session comprising a lecture, a demonstration and hands-on exercise for dentistry students.

The session was aimed at assessing the improvement of skills among pre-clinical dental students who practiced root canal obturation on a tooth model.

Dental experts continuously look for ways to optimise teaching methods to improve the skill level of students in preclinical Endodontics.

The session started with a detailed interactive lecture by Prof Dr Abrar, that was followed by a demonstration of advanced rotary Endodontics. Later, the students individually performed rotary Endodontics.

Dr Abrar during the lecture explained to the participants that the rationale of obturation during the root canal treatment is to establish a fluid-tight barrier from the orifice of the canal to the apical foramen that protects the periapical tissues from ingress by microorganisms.

Moreover, it shows that obturation quality impacts the outcome of root canal treatment. The treatment outcome may specifically be affected by the extension of root canal filling material. Short root fillings, and long root fillings, extending beyond the radiographic apex, resulted in poorer outcomes.

A lower incidence of apical periodontitis is also related to the absence of voids in root canal fillings. Conversely, improved outcomes were found for root canal treatments that extended within 2mm of the radiographic apex and were free of voids.

The participants acknowledged the expertise of Dr Abrar in conducting the session.

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