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Voting open for Medics with temporary and permanent PMDC registration

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Fri. 13 November 2015


Islamabad : Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has permitted medical and dental graduate the right to vote holding provisional or permanent PMDC registration in the upcoming Council elections announced by PMDC election committee secretary Dr. Imdad Ali Waggan.

The meeting was held to discuss PMDC Council election-related issues including queries of doctors and dentists on electoral exercise


The secretary also informed that until and unless a college was not duly notified by the federal government as de-recognised, its faculty would be eligible voters subject to their valid faculty registration.

  “The recommendation of the PMDC regarding any institution for approval or closure shall have no legality until the same is not notified by the federal government.”

All faculty members need to be registered as RMP/RDP for eligibility to be a faculty member. Therefore, the registered faculty members were eligible to cast only one vote either for RMP/RDP candidates or for registered faculty members.

“Every voter can cast his or her vote according to the permanent or temporary address given in their registration in the PMDC record.”

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