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AMDC Conducts Free Dental Check-Up

DT Pakistan
DT Pakistan

DT Pakistan

Fri. 29 January 2021


Karachi: Markaz-e-Umeed, the school for special needs children, in collaboration with Ameen Medical and Dental Center (AMDC) recently organized an oral health check-up camp and oral health awareness program for young students and parents.

The camp included dental awareness talk, screenings, referrals, and educating students about proper brushing techniques.

The participants were made aware of the eating patterns and how they can prevent oral health problems.

Under the leadership of Dr Nabeel Naeem Baig, Medical Director, AMDC, a team of Senior Specialist Dental Surgeons and paramedical staff including Dr Mehak Ayesha, Dr Fatima Maaz, Dr Bisma Anwar and Farah Naaz carried out a comprehensive dental check-up of students and their parents.

AMDC staff set up a table with toothpaste, mouthwash, and tooth models for children to practice their brushing techniques.

Dr Nabeel said that such dental awareness programs would be held in the future.

The response by the students was positive, and the camp was deemed successful.

The team followed strict SOPs throughout the entire event.

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