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Dentists –Healthcare’s Silent Heroes

By Dr Sumaiya Hasan
February 28, 2021

As a dentist, I vividly recall a day from my house job in 2012 when I had my posting in the Department of Oral Medicine. After a complete assessment of a patient’s dental problems, the Head of Department (HoD) referred him to a physician. This was because the HoD, after a thorough oral examination of the patient where he found that the patient had had good oral hygiene. the patient still was complaining about his bad breath and bleeding gums. The dentist instantly suspected him of having diabetes. The patient surprisingly had good oral hygiene.

Dentists: Doctors of Oral Health

This is merely one example of the importance of dentistry’s noble profession in the health care sector, and generally for the public. As opposed to a common misperception, dentists are not merely limited to drill and fill. Whether in tertiary care hospitals or working in an isolated private clinic setup, dentists can do wonders with adequate knowledge and its application.

Saving from dental pain

Dental pain is notorious for its excruciating nature. Indeed, the importance of those who provide the patient’s relief from it cannot be underestimated. This profession’s significance can further be delineated because several patients with dental problems stated about their suffering due to dental pain when they were unable to receive treatment due to lockdown during the pandemic. The persistent efforts to treat the patient during the unprecedented times of COVID-19 reflects the dedication of dental professionals.

Recognising dental profession

Let put aside the pain and consider the fundamental importance of facial structures. People will notice the prestige of dentists and it will get highlighted automatically. Consider a few examples.

1. Aesthetics is an essential dimension of life and has social and personal implications. To correct aesthetics and function, a case of facial reconstruction is incomplete without the participation and opinion of a Maxillofacial Surgeon.

2. Cleft lip and palate also have a severe impact on one’s life. While the treatment is multidisciplinary, Orthodontists play a remarkable role in its treatment and correction.

3. Healthy state of teeth is essential for aesthetics and function. Loss of teeth can have long-term implications such as bone loss, difficulty eating, tilting adjacent teeth, etc. Research also shows that patients with multiple missing teeth suffer from nutritional deficiency. This usually worsens their ability to eat and prevents them from having adequate nutrition.

Saving one patient at a time

A professional community that offers such noteworthy efforts for the public’s health expects support in return. You can express this support in a number of ways. This includes showing your dentists how you have improved your oral health regimen, commit to better health habits and raise awareness in your social circle regarding dental health. You can also schedule an appointment with your dentist to make sure that your teeth are healthy and you are on the right track.

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