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NID campaign to promote children's oral health, research

Press Release

Sun. 23 June 2024


MULTAN: The Nishtar Institute of Dentistry (NID) in Multan recently launched an awareness campaign titled ‘Beat ECC with Dr. Sajal Khan,’ to assess the oral health status of children and the education level of their parents at Allama Iqbal Teaching Hospital in D.G. Khan.

The campaign was launched under the leadership of NID Principal Prof. Dr. Amjad Bari.

"The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for simple, daily habits that can profoundly influence the smiles of children in our community," said Dr. Bari. "Through these efforts, we aim to improve self-esteem, reduce dental expenses, and pave the way for a lifetime of radiant and healthy smiles."

Spearheaded by gold medalist Dr. Sajal Khan, the initiative emphasizes the role of oral hygiene in children, encouraging them to embrace dental health routines and urging parents to prioritize their child's oral well-being from an early age.

Dr. M. Mutahir Mehdi, media spokesperson, assistant professor and head of oral biology at NID, said the primary goal is to educate parents, focusing on improving oral health outcomes for children.

This effort targets both healthy children and those with medical vulnerabilities, aiming to enhance their quality of life by preventing and diagnosing oral health issues early.

The NID dental surgeons’ team, led by Principal Prof Bari, included Dr. Sajal Khan, Dr. Talha Ashar, Dr. Ali Hashim, Dr. Abdullah Niaz, Dr. Maheen Zehra, and Dr. Hasnain Atta.

Dr. Sajal Khan delivered a community-based lecture to an audience comprising parents, doctors, and caregivers in the Pediatric and Gynecology wards of Allama Iqbal Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Talha Ashar and Dr. Ali Hashim contributed to the discussions, while Dr. Abdullah Niaz, Dr. Maheen Zehra, and Dr. Hasnain Atta demonstrated proper brushing techniques.

The initiative was lauded by MS and DMS of Allama Iqbal Teaching Hospital, who commended Dr. Sajal Khan, the South Punjab Health Department, Prof Bari, and the entire team for their dedicated efforts.

Following the presentation, the team conducted examinations of children in the wards, provided personalized advice, and distributed free toothpaste and mouthwash to children and parents, supported by a private company.

Meanwhile, physicians filled out questionnaires and recorded clinical data, contributing to evidence-based research.

The campaign enjoys support from Secretary Health, South Punjab, Afzal Nasir Khan, and Deputy Secretary South Punjab, Dr. Maria, underscoring its significance in promoting oral health awareness and practices among children and families in the region.

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