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August 23, 2017

Manufacturer: Samera
Price: 0
Location: United Kingdom, KT109QJ Surrey

Why Samera

The story of Samera Ltd is truly one of inspiration. Our first-hand knowledge of the industry combined with focus on inspiring, motivating and facilitating others to do the same, take charge of their lives and live life “large” is what makes Samera Ltd. stand far above the rest in the industry.

We are a family-business that has made its mark in the Healthcare Industry in the UK.

Founded by Arun Mehra, Managing Director in 2002 with the desire to provide solid, sustainable solutions to people in the Healthcare industry. Offering expert advice on developing their businesses and profit, creating an asset, delivering security and complete peace of mind to our clients by focusing on their individual needs and tailoring a bespoke service around those needs.

Samera is no ordinary accountancy firm, but a firm dedicated to the Healthcare Industry, securing financial freedom for your future. We can help you on every step of your journey, from graduation to retirement.

Contact Information:

United Kingdom, 138 High Street, KT109QJ Surrey
Phone: 0 207 100 8788

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