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Fri. 14 April 2023


KARACHI: The World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2023 digital campaign launched by the Dental News (DN), the official partner of the FDI World Dental Federation, is successfully communicating its oral hygiene awareness message to millions of people, in collaboration with its sponsor, Shield Pakistan.

The DN digital drive is aimed at convincing people to get checked at any dental university hospital or authentic clinic across Pakistan to find out their oral health status and get treatment if diagnosed with any such ailment to secure your overall health in the future.

Despite being preventable through timely medical intervention, oral diseases, such as dental caries, gum diseases, and tooth loss, are among the most widespread ailments globally, as well as regionally.

To warn the country’s population against oral health threats, various programs aimed at creating oral care consciousness are being conducted as part of the WOHD ongoing campaign under this year’s theme ‘Be Proud of Your Mouth’, stressing the need for paying attention to one’s oral condition and preventing oral diseases.

Some of the most common is bad breath, which is caused due to a host of factors, including poor oral hygiene, smoking, underlying disease of ear, nose and throat and can impact a person’s self-confidence, well-being and ability to socialise and work without discomfort and embarrassment.

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is a far-reaching global oral health campaign. It is a platform for the public, oral health community and policymakers to help reduce the overall oral disease burden.

It is aimed at spreading awareness regarding maintenance of good oral hygiene, along with practices that should be followed by adults and children alike, enabling them to avoid any unnecessary tooth or oral cavity related issue so that they could ultimately enjoy a better quality of life till their old age.

This day helps raise the profile of oral health on a global scale and educates people regarding the link between oral health and systemic health.

The primary objective of marking WOHD is to help improve oral hygiene practices in adults and children and prompt concern and action regarding any oral health matter, by demonstrating the importance of optimal oral health and its relatedness to the general health and wellbeing.

Every year, WOHD focuses on a different theme and communicates with the general public, oral health professionals, and politicians, all of whom have a role in reducing the burden of oral disease.

Dental News has been deploying many resources to raise oral health awareness, most prominently its social media.

Through holding different contests and polls, people are being educated regarding various oral care facts and concerns, raising awareness about the significance of oral issues and making them more conscious of their oral health status.

Dental News has been posting social media content comprising facts, tips and tricks, and general knowledge about oral issues and care. Witty posts are used to make the oral health messages more attractive and effective.

As part of its WOHD campaign, DN also invites queries from its followers and subscribers to guide them on different oral health issues.

To promote oral hygiene, DN also encourages the dental community to partake in its awareness campaign by writing informational and motivational blogs, messages and videos targeting the masses containing advice on healthy oral care practices.

Dental News runs a vibrant social media offering many exciting and informative activities through ---Facebook/DentalNewsPk, Instagram/DentalNewsPk and Youtube/DentalNewsPk.

DN sponsor Shield Pakistan, in collaboration with different hospitals and dental colleges, recently organised on-ground oral health activities in all over Pakistan, where OPDs ran free oral health camps to maximise dental care benefits for the masses. On the occasion, free samples were also provided to the visitors.

People are being also encouraged to immediately report any dental or oral problem by visiting a dentist for a routine checkup.

In a world where 90 percent of the population will suffer from oral diseases during their lifetime, WOHD is the occasion to highlight the huge burden caused by such ailments. The day inspires the public, oral health professionals and policymakers to take action in their own countries to improve the oral health of the citizens.


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